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Filca, Film Lovers Cultural Association, came to existance on october 1999 in an aim to promote better films. The highlight of the society is that there will be a discussion after every screening. Monthly film screening will be conducted. Film Vision Digital Magazine provides necessary information about each world classic film. The campus film festival and international film festival is another attraction of the society. Filca encourages new film makers with technical guidance and aesthetic support.

P K NAIR, Filca's Founder-Chairman

FILCA, since its establishment has been fortunate to have the presence of P K Nair, the film archivist of world renown, as its guiding light. While he spent time between Pune, where the National Film Archives is located, and his hometown, Thiruvananthapuram, Shri P K Nair steered the selection of films both for the monthly screenings and the annual film festival. There was no question of cutting corners when it came to the question of screening a film good projection, quality sound and 'celluloid' film were the ingredients for an enjoyable viewing experience. Not for nothing that the name 'Celluloid Man' was chosen for the documentary on the person who built India's film archives from scratch and made it the Manasa Sarovaram for film scholars and students of Cinema.

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