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Our Objectives

    1. To organise regular screening of classics of world cinema and films of artistic merits from all over India and to organise productions and festivals.
    2. To conduct film based courses, workshops, film screening and other innovative programmes on cinema and other arts.
    3. To create taste for good cinema.
    4. To inculate better aesthetic values among students of all age groups through the medium of cinema and other visual arts.
    5. To encourage setting up of film clubs in educational institutions involving the students and teachers and organise programmes in collaboration with them.
    6. To promote the ideal of progressive Cinema,TV, Art and Culture including Folk Arts.
    7. To promote the study of films as an art and social force.
    8. To promote publications on films of artistic values.
    9. To promote research on cinema.
    10. To encourage the production of films of artistic values.
    11. To promote the film society movement in collaboration with other films societies /organisations having similar objectives.
    12. To promote and maintain friendship with the people of India and of foreign countries through screening, exchange of films, seminars and publications on cinema, art and culture.
    13. To co-operate with national and international organisations having similar objectives.